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  • Chad Werkhoven

2024 Bible Reading Plan - Belgic Confession

Build a rock solid foundation in a world of shifting sand! Check out what we have planned for 2024!

Thank you so much for being part of our daily Bible reading plan in 2023! Many of you read along with us each day this past year as we came to understand our only comfort in life and in death by using the Heidelberg Catechism to help us work our way through the Bible.

In doing so, we got to read from over 50 different books of the Bible, from both the Old & New Testament. Each week day we read, summarized what the passage said, and the dug deeper into how it applies to our lives. We finished each daily post by praying the passage back to our Father.

As we shift gears into 2024, we're going to work our way through the Belgic Confession of Faith in order to build up a rock solid foundation in a world of shifting sand.

Here's a preview:

We hope you'll join us in 2024!

If you have benefitted from being part of the Bible reading plan, please consider sharing your experience on your social media. It's personal mentions and suggestions that have driven our growth the most.

Also, if your congregation isn't formally participating, recommend it to your pastor. We can supply a weekly bulletin announcement and overhead screen graphic.

Thanks for reading with us every day. Remember, everything else you read, see and hear today will fade away, but the Word of the Lord is Unfading Truth!


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