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Daily Bible Reading Plan

Extend the Lord's Day
into the Lord's Week!

  • Read along with your congregation & community

  • Read or Listen each weekday

  • Receive daily reminders

Unfading Truth is a daily Bible reading plan designed to keep you in the Word all week long.

Every week day, we'll read a passage and then DIG DEEPER to fully understand what God is saying and how you can apply it in your life with short devotionals written by pastors you know.


Choose how and when you'd like your daily reminder (text/email). You can either read the Bible passage and Dig Deeper post each day, or you can listen. 

You won't be going it on your own. Hundreds of other people, both in your own congregation and several other Reformed churches will be participating along with you. Most of our readers are right here in the upper Midwest, but people from all over the country have joined with us!

In 2024, we'll be using the Belgic Confession of Faith, a summary of Christian doctrine trusted for over 450 years, in choosing the passages for each day. 


The daily DIG DEEPER posts are written by pastors from participating churches.

Rev. Chad Werkhoven

Worthington Christian Reformed Church


Rev. Joe Steenholdt

Luverne Christian Reformed Church


Rev. Matt Haan

1st Christian Reformed Church - Rock Valley, IA

Rev. Alan Salwei

American Reformed Church (Worthington, MN)


Rev. Shawn Gerbers

1st Christians Reformed - Zeeland, MI

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